In Ulyanovsk, a young mother died a terrible death from suffocation

27.11.2020 Антипова Мария
In the State Healthcare Institution "Ulyanovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital named after Yu.F. Goryacheva ”(GUZ UODKB)) a 20-year-old young mother died a terrible death.

- "We could not get through to her, they did not let us into the hospital either. Her husband fought at the door of the hospital, but they did not open him."
a girl killed by doctors 20-year-old Victoria Gladilina from the city of Dimitrovgrad died in the Ulyanovsk regional hospital, giving birth to her first child. Relatives told the Ulyanovskaya Pravda edition that before giving birth she was injected with some kind of medicine, and it caused Quincke's edema . And the young mother died of suffocation when the doctors transported her.

Victoria's sister Valeria says:

- "Victoria specially went to give birth from Dimitrovgrad to Ulyanovsk, so that the child was born in better conditions. On November 23, she was placed in the maternity hospital on Radishcheva Street (from the editorship of the State Health Institution Ulyanovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital named after political and public figure Yu.F. .Goryacheva "(GUZ UODKB)) in Ulyanovsk and on the very first day they injected some kind of medicine, from which she developed Quincke's edema.
On November 24, Vika reported: she's all right. However, the last message from the girl was received by her sister at around three o'clock in the afternoon. Then the connection was cut off.

We could not get through to her, they didn’t let us into the hospital either. Her husband knocked on the door of the hospital, but they did not open him.
Only in the late afternoon of November 24 a man came out of the perinatal center and said that Vika had died. "

Victoria's relatives managed to find out that the 20-year-old mother, after being admitted to the perinatal center, was transferred to another hospital. Then he was sent to the Ulyanovsk regional hospital. According to relatives, there, when she was being taken down the corridor, the doctors did not put on an oxygen mask for her. As a result, Vika began to choke and died of suffocation.
Victoria has a little daughter who will never see her mother now.

Currently, the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Ulyanovsk region has opened a criminal case into the death of Victoria Gladilina.

The regional Ministry of Health, as usual, stated that "medical care was provided in accordance with the procedures for the provision of medical care, taking into account the standards of medical care and on the basis of clinical guidelines."
died a terrible deathangioedema

If a young woman died of suffocation due to Quincke's edema, then the medical recommendations were not followed due to lack of knowledge or because of the habitual indifference and disregard for people's lives.
After all, doctors know that they will kill at least 100 people - do not care, they will not be punished anyway. And they have no conscience for a long time. They will hide their negligence or even crimes to the last. And relatives are not allowed into the hospital and medical records are forged by conspiracy.
In this situation, who interfered with the insertion of a breathing tube? No one!!!! Another disregard for people's lives prevented !!!!
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Luda28 ноября 2020, 17:52
AAAAAAAAAA KILLERS !!! They don't give a damn about the creatures. Go to any cemetery, there are a lot of young graves. Creatures burn them in hell.