Drunk doctor killed a child during childbirth, but escaped punishment

06.10.2020 Антипова Мария
The court of Chita recovered 2 million 300 thousand rubles in favor of the spouses Marina and Afanasy Sudeikins for the death of a child during childbirth in the State Institution "Chernyshevskaya Central Regional Hospital", urban settlement, Chernyshevsk, Trans-Baikal Territory.

The baby died shortly before birth. The baby suffocated from lack of oxygen, swallowed meconium with intrauterine waters and had no chance of survival.
Her brain was in a "gruel" that the pathologists found. The forensic experts found that the girl was completely healthy and could survive in the event of a timely delivery.
Childbirth was led by obstetrician-gynecologist Alexander Karpov on the night of 6 to 7 March 2017.

The courts established that the obstetrician-gynecologist Alexander Karpov has been registered with the drug addiction clinic since mid-2015.
Marina Sudeikina testified at the trial that during childbirth Karpov reeked of alcohol.
In 2010, while intoxicated, Karpov stole a 45-ruble bottle of Yuzhnaya Korona vodka from a shop counter to get drunk. The criminal case was then terminated due to the reconciliation of the parties.
Seven times doctor Karpov was brought to administrative responsibility for speeding traffic. In 2017, the court sentenced him to 200 hours of compulsory work with deprivation of the right to drive for 2 years.

The examination established that Alexander Karpov overlooked the suffering of the fetus, did not establish a decrease in heart rate, pulse in time, and did not procare in time.
He did not admit his guilt in the course of the proceedings, accused the forensic expert - candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Chita State Medical Academy, Lyudmila Erofeevu, of settling accounts with him against the background of personal hostility. At the trial, in fact, he presented her as a mediocrity from medicine against the background of his talented, experienced person in obstetrics.

The doctor was convicted under Part 2 of Article 118 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but escaped punishment due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.
The district hospital was financially responsible for the professional ignorance of the doctor.

drunk doctor killed
Crimson spots on the face - as a result of prolonged stay in the womb against a background of hypoxia.

baby in a coffin
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