Forced sterilization of humans or eugenics in action

18.10.2020 Антипова Мария
I am Lyudmila Guseva - "We were all spoiled and sterilized. Now we cannot give birth."

Several patients of the state Uktussky boarding house for the elderly and disabled in Yekaterinburg at once stated that they were forcibly sterilized, since it was impossible to keep children in the institution.
The woman, who introduced herself as Lyudmila Guseva, said that they were forcibly sterilized and, if the operation was refused, the women were threatened with transfer to a neuropsychiatric boarding school (PNI), where they were "chipped and very badly."
She says: - "The girls were sterilized. The doctor came up to me at five o'clock in the evening and said:" Lucy, there will be an operation. "They say, if you do not have the operation, you will go to PNI. And I did not want me to be in bad living conditions.
So I would like to have a family and give birth to a child, but now I cannot give birth. That's how they spoiled us all. "
Several women with disabilities, who ended up in the boarding house from orphanages because of queues for housing, announced forced sterilization.
The women were taken to the hospital under the pretext of being vaccinated, but were forced to undergo a sterilization procedure on the spot. In total, more than 10 affected patients are known.

In addition, according to Lumila's statement, one of the sterilized women died. Her relatives believe that this may be due to poor quality surgery at the boarding house. After the operation, the girl complained of severe pain during menstruation, during one of these attacks she died.

Currently, the Ministry of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region has begun checking
Uktussky boarding house. The department noted, since the certificate is dated 2008, it will take a little more time for verification.

forced sterilization
In Yekaterinburg, the patients of the Uktus boarding house for the elderly and the disabled announced forced sterilization

Ukhtomsky boarding house
State autonomous stationary institution of social services of the Sverdlovsk region "Uktus boarding house for the elderly and disabled"

patient card
Referral for compulsory surgical sterilization.

the ombudsman checks
Tatyana Merzlyakova - The Sverdlovsk Ombudsman for Human Rights responded to reports of forced sterilization of female patients in the Yekaterinburg boarding house.

Editorial addition:
Ombudsman check
Eugenics (from ancient Greek εὐγενής - good kind, noble) - the doctrine of selection in relation to a person, as well as ways to improve his hereditary properties. The doctrine was designed to combat the phenomena of degeneration in the human gene pool.
In the post-war period, eugenics came to be seen as the theoretical basis for Nazi crimes such as the practice of racial hygiene, Nazi experiments on humans, and the destruction of “unwanted” social groups.
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