Another child's cerebral palsy and cynical falsification by doctors

02.01.2021 Антипова Мария
Ekaterina Burlakova, in the 40th maternity hospital in Moscow, had a son with severe cerebral palsy, for which she and her husband blame the doctors.
And then, as usual, lies and perversion of facts from impunity on the part of doctors.

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Ekaterina Burlakova says:
- "I was registered in the antenatal clinic from the eighth week of pregnancy. I regularly took all the tests, went to the ultrasound. The pregnancy was wonderful.

On February 19, I received a referral for a partner delivery. It was the 41st week, but the contractions did not start. The doctors decided to stimulate labor with a Foley catheter and Mifepristone, which are used in such cases.
Until the morning, none of the doctors came to me.
On the evening of February 23, my clear, clear waters receded. They put me on CTG, and until the morning none of the doctors came to me.

At 11 o'clock, doctors Dzhamilya Sarakhova and Elena Korovina came to the ward and decided to continue stimulation with oxytocin.
By eight in the evening, the contractions were gone, and the IV was turned off. At midnight, oxytocin was resumed, and on February 25, at about three o'clock in the morning, I gave birth to a boy. But he didn't scream.

The son was sent to intensive care and put on a ventilator. And then he began to have severe convulsions.

Soon, the son was transferred to another hospital and sent to hypothermia. They didn't explain anything to us for a long time. They just said that the condition was grave and extremely grave.
Only a month later, we were informed that prolonged oxygen starvation led to severe hemorrhage and cerebral edema. There is almost no white matter.

Now our son Yaroslav has the most severe form of cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) with mental retardation.
He doesn't laugh or cry.
Vision - minus eight.
The kid is constantly tormented by epileptic seizures.
with a baby in her arms I went through a lot of stress. My hair was falling out. Eight teeth are now diseased. Chronic lack of sleep. Menstruation is gone. I have constant thoughts: why is this, why with us, in what have we sinned? Some relatives turned their backs on us: nobody needs a disabled person.

I turned to the investigating authorities and complained to the court about the inaction of the doctors, because of which my son suffered. But the administration of the hospital said that I "deliberately distort the facts for the purpose of enrichment."
Doctors wrote in the history of childbirth that the son's diagnosis was allegedly associated with poor genetics: that in childhood I suffered from hydrocephalus (accumulation of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles inside the brain), and my brother had cerebral palsy. But I refuted this forgery with certificates from the children's clinic.

Then the administration of the maternity hospital indicated in the documents that during pregnancy I contracted infections , but they did not say which ones.

"The obstetric tactics were correct, the child suffered from intrauterine infection, obstetricians cannot detect it and effectively treat it not only in our country, but throughout the world," said Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Vladimir Serov.

In response, I provided the test results, according to which no infections were found in the placenta. They were not detected during examinations during the entire pregnancy.
academician lies We made an independent examination of the quality of medical work in the insurance company "Spasskiye Vorota - M". They came to the conclusion that on February 24, from 14.30 on the CTG, a pathological heartbeat of the child was recorded. But the doctors could not notice this, because they did not appear in the ward until the evening.
a family If the doctors had done an emergency caesarean section in the afternoon, and had not waited for me to give birth myself, then our son would have been healthy. He could crawl, smile and play. He has absolutely healthy organs. Apart from the brain. "
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Luda04 января 2021, 13:23
And academics are the same venal creatures, for their warm place they will write any nonsense in collusion with doctors. But they just can't get away with it - when they leave the sales system - they are also killed by their own colleagues. Their children are cursed as they are for ever and ever.