About the deceased granny and the treatment of coronavirus

15.10.2020 Антипова Мария

Muscovite Daria Kosarenko spoke about her stay in the covid hospital. Nothing special about hospital-illness-death !!!!
But read about the attitude of doctors towards people. From this story, one can draw a terrifying conclusion - people simply do not need anyone, there is no money - you will die, and no one behind closed doors will help you.

- "Nobody approached the woman who died. Nobody gave her water. They just waited for her to die, and now she died today."
Here is Daria Kosarenko's story:
"I am at the Demikhov Hospital in Lublin in Moscow, and I have a coronavirus. There were six people with me in the ward. Three of them were heavy, lying, after a stroke.
Two women were discharged today: one is 85, the other is 62, they also have coronavirus and pneumonia, but for some reason they were discharged home.
An elderly woman died in our ward. They did not take her away for about 20 minutes, and a corpse lay with us all this time. All this, of course, leaves a big imprint on the psyche. There are a lot of people dying here.
Initially, I was diagnosed with acute tracheitis and fed me an antibiotic, but no fluorography was done. Only after it was done, I was immediately taken from the fluorography room in an ambulance to the hospital.
Doctors use incomprehensible therapy, the effectiveness of which has not been proven. Today they brought me a document confirming my consent to the use of drugs for malaria and HIV. The drug for malaria is toxic: the original drug is less toxic, but it was not brought to Russia, and doctors at the hospital will use an analogue. And it is more toxic. So only from tomorrow, I will have therapy directly for coronavirus, and not for pneumonia, for which I have been stuffed with antibiotics and given cough pills for the previous six days. "
Darya Kosarenko said that in the hospital in which she lies, there is "almost no care for the patients."
- "I can still somehow move, and elderly bedridden people who have not paid a nurse - almost no one approaches them, the attitude towards them is very bad.
Everything is very long: they will put on a dropper - only an hour later they come to pick it up, a person lies for an hour with a needle just like that.
Bed linen has not changed for the sixth day, and these are sick people, all have fever, sputum, runny nose.
The staff comes to bedridden patients once or twice a day, brings the ship.
But there are people who have weak kidneys, who pee more often!
Because of this puddle, the smell is terrible. Now we have aired the room, because one patient died, and before that we were all in this room. I was lucky that my sense of smell was partially lost from the disease. "
“Nobody approached the woman who died at all. I assume that she was after a stroke and was just asleep, did not regain consciousness.
Nobody gave her water, she could have been given at least a dropper with glucose to support her vital activity, none of this happened. They just waited for her to die, and now she died today. "

“Doctors come in anti-plague suits, masks, glasses. But at the same time they hardly approach patients: in order to talk to them, you have to go to the staff room, and they do not allow them to leave the wards either in the corridor or anywhere.
I was allowed to go and talk to the doctor, but she did not come close to me, she spoke at a distance of five meters.
But today the hospital was supposed to be checked, so all the orderlies and nurses were also given shoe covers and anti-plague suits. Before that, they wore them once or twice: they came without masks, then without shoe covers. "
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Adminuss23 ноября 2020, 13:04
The Constitution of the Russian Federation "Article 41 1. Everyone has the right to health protection and medical care. Medical care in state and municipal health care institutions is provided to citizens free of charge at the expense of the corresponding budget, insurance premiums, and other receipts. 3. Concealment by officials of facts and circumstances, posing a threat to the life and health of people, entails responsibility in accordance with federal "law".
Masha05 ноября 2020, 21:50
The level of cynicism is outrageous.
Oles16 октября 2020, 12:05
So my mother was killed by the doctors. They did not drink her for two days. Mom died of dehydration. They don't care about people. And they are also offended that they are called murderers. For humans, the physiological norm is 30-40 mg of water per 1 kg of body weight per day. That is, a person weighing 80 kg. you need 2400 - 3200 ml per day. And this is also urine every day. It's easier for doctors to just kill a person than to bother. It's like medieval torture !!! About the torture of my mother www.doctorsubilimamu.rf / pytka.php Doctors calmly kill people in a helpless state behind closed doors.