If a person is old, no one will save ... or how the first wife of the great Shukshin died

30.01.2021 Антипова Мария
And she was suffocating, she died before my eyes. You yourself know, it's hard to watch when a person dies, and I can't help with anything.
The first wife of the famous Altai writer and actor Vasily Shukshin Maria Shumskaya died. They did not want to hospitalize her when she was suffocating.
Maria Shumskaya died on January 7.
According to the guardian and student of Shumskoy, Vladimir Kovalev, the woman was choking, and they took a swab for coronavirus, but the tests were negative.

Shukshin's first wife “I called an ambulance six times. They drove in, did not want to pick her up. They will come and take blood pressure and temperature. For the coronavirus, they say, nothing has been confirmed. Took a swab from her. I tell them: "She is suffocating, she cannot."
One of the doctors answers me: "Do you have a medical education to perform here?" They measure the temperature, I tell them: "See, she's choking?"
We took her to Gorno-Altaisk on January 2, but I got it. They kept it for 2 hours, brought it back and again they refer: “ Yes, you know, how old is she? Everything is busy with us. We can't do anything with her. But I am sorry to see that a person is dying, I cannot watch, but a person is dying. They refused to hospitalize her at all, they referred to her age.
Everything is busy with us, our hospital is busy, we can do nothing to help you ... But she was suffocating, she died in front of my eyes. You yourself know, it's hard to watch when a person dies, and I can't help anything. "

According to Kovalev, hospitalization was refused "five or six times", citing the fact that a woman could contract the coronavirus. The malaise was attributed to age.

- “She had good eyesight, she was remembered. I show her the photographs, she says: “Will these come?” I answer her: “So you don’t get ready, don’t die yet.”

Vasily Shukshin met his fellow villager Maria Shumskaya when he was 15 and she was 14.
In 1955, Shukshin left for Moscow, and in 1957 he wrote that he had met another and wanted to file for divorce. Maria did not give a divorce to Shukshin. And Vasily Makarovich had to "lose" his passport on purpose in order to be able to marry Lydia Shukshina.
During the filming of the film "Stove-benches" Vasily Shukshin and Anatoly Zabolotsky drove along the Chuysky tract. Passing Maima, Shukshin said: “My love lives here, my first wife. This is the only woman for whom I am guilty " Maria IvanovnaShukshin and Maria
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in Altai, doctors killed Shukshin's wifeMayminskaya hospital
Mayminskaya regional hospital of the Altai Republic, where they did not provide medical care to the first wife of Vasily Shukshin, Maria Shumskaya

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