The gruesome story of a child's death in hospital

30.01.2021 Антипова Мария
Another monstrous story of the death of a child in the hospital. Will anyone be punished for the death of a child, or can doctors kill with impunity?

The story of the death of the child Regina Goloshubova Varvara. We give her without abbreviations from her instagram.
baby death story - "On the morning of January 11, my baby spilled half a glass of hot water on herself, we were very scared, wrapped her in a blanket and immediately went to the hospital for help ... they told us in the ambulance that there was nothing serious, they put an anesthetic and said that the baby needs to go through to the intensive care unit, and they will consult with the Burn Center of Barnaul!
In the intensive care unit, the wounds were treated and bandaged, the child felt good, was more often in my arms, but even managed to walk, then the nurse came and said that we needed to put a catheter for the dropper, since the veins could not be found for her (three days ago we passed analysis from Vienna) you need to put a subclavian catheter, and so that everything goes well and does not hurt the child, you need to enter into light anesthesia .... she came in and gave an injection and said that in about 20 minutes the girl would fall asleep, the second nurse came and took blood from her finger!
Not yet 20 minutes had passed, my girl had already fallen asleep, I put her on the bed, the nurse came again, I didn’t have time to figure out she gave 2 more injections to my question what it was: To fall asleep faster, ... two doctors immediately came and they said that I would leave the intensive care unit at my request so that I wait for the child to fall asleep, they began to raise my voice and said that she would not twitch anymore ...

All the time I was standing at the door of the intensive care unit, my husband was at the head doctor because they wanted to transfer the child to Novosibirsk, where they agreed to receive us on the call of the doctor, they would have sent a sanitation!

Almost all the time, the doctors were in the resuscitation room, it was next to the doors to the intensive care unit ... after about 1-1.5 hours, they started running around in the intensive care unit to look for the IVL apparatus, I began to ask what was happening there, but everyone was silent ... at 14:00 we were told that our girl had died, she was lying on the bed closed without any sensors ..... when asked to show the protocols of what the child was doing, the refusal was received, and they were told to talk to the investigator, whom they themselves called ...
killed the girl All supporting devices were turned off without our knowledge and whether they were at all, no one knows !!!!
The girl died at them immediately, because at 13:30 all the documents were already ready for transfer to the morgue (we were told only at 14:00, after when I began to break through the doors, when my husband came, they were completely locked)!
As a result, death did not come from cardiac arrest as we were told, but:
1.Acute respiratory failure, damage to the left lung during catarization of the subclavian vein, accidental cut, injection, perforation or bleeding during injection or immunization!
the child was killed by doctorsdeath certificategoloshubova
A criminal case has been initiated, but these people continue to work !!! They are absolutely unprofessional in their actions, they smoke right in the intensive care unit, do not observe any subordination, they intimidate! I want the perpetrators to be punished! And no one else was harmed.
Regina Goloshubova created a petition. Please support her. Link to the petition
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