The author of the video with the deceased person in the ward is threatened with opening a criminal case

18.10.2020 Антипова Мария
Hello dear readers. On 10/18/2020, I added a video in which a woman came to visit her mother in the hospital and a deceased person lay covered with a blanket among living patients in the ward.
The patients in the video explained that the woman died at night and is still lying and no one is taking her away. The video was shot during the day. Below is the video.

But this case doesn't just end like that. Doctors began to threaten the author of this video with reprisals (instituting a criminal case, spreading libel and false diagnosis)
The woman wrote a refutation under pressure. But later she said that she was forced under pressure to write a refutation, and confirmed that the footage filmed actually took place.
She says: - “The head physician threatened us with filing to the police and Rospotrebnadzor, everywhere he will write that we are covid carriers, although we said: take tests from us for covid. He threatened with articles for filming this video without authorization. Such a mess in the hospital, a corpse has been lying since the night, it psychologically puts pressure on adults "

sick doctors
Doctors are so morose that they deny the facts and threaten for the truth with criminal prosecution. The head physician threatened to falsify the diagnosis in the absence of infection.

death threat
The author of the video about the corpse in the ward in the hospital of the Rostov region announced the threats of doctors

mayhem in the hospital
corpse in the ward
In one of the hospitals in the Rostov region, patients are in a stuffy ward with a corpse
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