Alina Agalieva died of heart failure during childbirth

31.01.2021 Антипова Мария
Alina Agalieva, who was only 25 years old, died at night on September 6, 2019 during childbirth in the maternity hospital No. 2 in Vladimir.

Little daughter Varya miraculously survived, because after her mother lost water, the doctors stimulated the woman in labor and brought her to natural childbirth for 16 (sixteen) hours, refusing to have a cesarean section.
All this took place in front of the unhappy young father. Only after giving birth to her daughter Varenka, Alina closed her eyes and never opened them again.

A criminal case has now been opened. Several medical examinations have been made, which unequivocally speak of the guilt of the obstetrician. This obstetrician was the doctor Gubkin Maxim Vladimirovich.

The fact of the direct patronage of this doctor by the former vice-governor Marina Chekunova, the head of the health department Alexei Mozalev and his deputy Yulia Arsenina is also horrifying.
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A year after Alina's death, it became known about God's judgment. The doctor accused in the case of Alina's death died from the coronavirus. This was reported with regret from the Regional Perinatal Center: "We are sorry to inform you that last night (12/27/2020), at the age of 41, our friend and colleague Maxim Vladimirovich Gubkin died after an illness." The citizens of Vladimir have long known that this is far from the first death of a woman in childbirth for his labor history.

doctor killer They write died - a colleague .... Are they there in general, have they lost all their humanity?
This doctor got what he deserved. Now we need to judge those who defended him, who put pressure on the investigation, who were involved in hushing up this monstrous crime against people and society.
In connection with the death of the main accused, Gubkin, the criminal case has not been closed and will be sent to court.
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