.... "For 6 days I was alone in the ward with a dead child"

28.11.2020 Антипова Мария
And again Saratov. Here is the story of Tatiana Koska, a resident of Saratov, who decided to make her case public, so that the Ministry of Health and the supervisory authorities would understand all the circumstances of the case.
After the operation, the doctor said that the child's skin began to fall off, he began to decompose.

“While at 38 weeks, I, in the direction of the antenatal clinic of the city polyclinic No. 3, went for a planned caesarean section to maternity hospital No. 4, which is at the city clinical hospital No. 8. I was diagnosed with symphysitis by ultrasound examination (divergence of the pelvic bones of the pubic articulation) ...
The doctor of the antenatal clinic of the city polyclinic No. 3 Yatsko Olga Vladimirovna wrote out a referral to the maternity hospital No. 4. But there this diagnosis was not confirmed. Doctors said that labor should come naturally.
My stay in maternity hospital No. 4 was 17 days (from 14 to 31 August 2020). For a period of 40 weeks, I was discharged and sent home without a direct referral to the Saratov Regional Perinatal Center, since on August 31, maternity hospital No. 4 was closed.
Childbirth was scheduled to begin at 40 weeks, and I was sent home with this deadline and was verbally told that until the 42nd week of pregnancy, you don't have to worry about the baby's condition. In the maternity hospital, I was under the supervision of a doctor Lomovtseva Svetlana Anatolyevna, who directly discharged me home.

From September 2 to September 7, I was at home, during this time I visited the antenatal clinic three times, and each time a fetal cardiotocography was done.
On the morning of September 8, I arrived at the perinatal center and immediately encountered the negative attitude of the medical staff.
They didn’t let me inside, they asked me to wait for my turn on the street. After 15:00, a paramedic came out and said that the appointment was over, no one else would be accepted.
All pregnant women who were waiting for their turn began to express dissatisfaction.
As a result, we were received at 17 o'clock.

On the morning of September 9, on the round of patients, I told the doctor Irina Gennadyevna Krotova that the child was not moving well. She replied that before childbirth at a long time, children begin to show less activity. At 11 o'clock I went for an ultrasound scan.
The doctor said that everything is fine with the baby. On the evening of September 9, on the round, the doctor on duty spoke very rudely, in a raised voice. The baby's heartbeat was not audible; cardiotocography and ultrasound were followed. They announced to me that the child was dead!

After that, I was transferred to another block and left alone in four walls with my grief. Later, a nurse came to me and gave me three pills of valerian, told me to calm down.
Nobody else came to see me. The next day I was summoned to the examination room, examined by two attending physicians - Krotova and Shadalina Svetlana Aleksandrovna.
It was decided to start stimulation to induce natural labor. No one could answer my questions why the child died.
Krotova later denied the fact that I told her about my concerns about the low activity of the fetus. But another patient, who was with me in the same room, was a witness to my words.
On September 10, psychologist Lilia Vyacheslavovna Yurtaeva came to my ward. Our communication with her was short-lived; on her part, questions of an incorrect nature began: do I feel guilty for the death of my child. What can be the fault if I led a healthy lifestyle, drank vitamins and for 9 months there was no threat of miscarriage? There were no severe symptoms, they did not put me on storage, there was no toxicosis, the pregnancy was successful.

From September 10 to 14, I was stimulated, they tried to induce a natural childbirth, for 6 days I was alone in the ward with a dead child.
To requests for a cesarean section, the answer was that the doctors want to do without this intervention, and nothing will happen to the child, there will be no decomposition.
On the evening of September 14, after the water had receded, I was taken to the maternity ward, where I waited 12 hours, but there was no labor activity.
During this time, none of the medical staff came up to me.
At three o'clock in the morning on September 15, my condition worsened, and a severe chill began. I asked the nurse to give me a thermometer. The temperature was under 40, an antipyretic injection was given.
At six in the morning they took me away for a caesarean section.
After the operation, the doctor said that the child's skin began to fall off, he began to decompose. After resuscitation, I was transferred to the gynecological department, where no one from the medical staff approached me.

At the moment when the fetus froze, my relatives and I repeatedly turned to the head of the department of the regional perinatal center with a question why they did not have the operation. To which the answer was given that it was dangerous to carry out the procedure, because it could lead to blood poisoning. Although after 6 days, the operation was still done.

In the future, I heard from the doctors only that I myself was to blame for the death of my child. They referred to the fact that I myself arrived late for hospitalization, and this led to the tragedy.
That is, in maternity hospital No. 4 they told me that it was okay, but in the perinatal center they say that this was the cause of the death of the child. "

Tatiana Koska wrote an appeal to the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor's Office of the Saratov Region addressed to Sergei Filipenko.


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Alla28 ноября 2020, 18:22
The creatures waited until the child began to decompose. The temperature rose from the poisoning of the body. The earth will burn under such inhumans. And they still moan that their salaries are small. What are they paid for, for the murders? A woman would die, blamed on some cunning nonsense and no one cares.