In the 21st century, doctors failed to recognize a stroke and my mother died.

24.07.2020 Ангелина
It happened in the city of Krasnodar, in the hospital of Russian Railways-MEDICINE
My mother became ill, had a high blood pressure of 220, loss of coordination, and the most important symptom was her speech disorder (like porridge in her mouth), and it was difficult for her to swallow. I called an ambulance with the words "suspected stroke", there is a recording of a phone call, where it was clearly said suspected stroke.
In general, the first ambulance arrived, I began to tell them that it was a stroke, warned them that my mother had diabetes mellitus and hypertension, in people with such sores, the risk of stroke doubles.
They examined my mother, said no, this is not a stroke, there is no point in taking her to the hospital, it’s mother’s high sugar level, and therefore she doesn’t feel well.
In general, the ambulance said there was nothing to take away with anything serious, although my mother was lying and could not even get up, she could barely talk, in general, horror how to describe this condition
Mom got worse, I called another ambulance, that ambulance immediately said that she needed to be taken to the hospital urgently, they asked why the first ambulance didn't pick her up?
We looked at my mother's throat, and everything was swollen there, the airways were struck
An ambulance took it with a preliminary diagnosis of angioedema, but they did not rule out a stroke, they could not understand, and said that the hospital would establish for sure
In general, my mother entered the hospital, no one even came up there, my mother began to choke, my mother did not have a swallowing reflex at all
She was transferred to intensive care
The resuscitator Maria Alexandrovna Ushakova came out, I asked what happened to my mother? Is it a stroke? The resuscitator said, no, this is quincke's edema, right now it's spring, this often happens, allergies are common, it's okay, don't worry, everything will be fine.
I left the hospital with tears in my eyes, I think, well, thank God.
Then my mother got worse, the doctors began to bypass me, and they began to tell me “we don't know what's wrong with your mother,” maybe it's a stroke, that is, what I had shouted to doctors before.
For two days my mother was in intensive care with a diagnosis of angioedema (allergy)
And on the third, my mother got worse, and the doctors said it was a stroke.
I'm in shock, no words.
For so long she lay with a stroke, they did not do an MRI of the brain, they began to treat by the method of exclusion.
When I began to ask for CT and MRI, it was too late to do this, since they put her on a ventilator, and under it cannot be done, although in the first days, when my mother was conscious, she breathed herself, and when it was needed
was done, in writing, the neurologist recommended CT, MRI to exclude focal pathology, but the negligence and laziness of the doctors ignored this, in the first days, the doctors did not.
In general, my mother passed away on May 28 ...
I was lucky and in the hospital I was able to take photographs of my mother's card, appointment sheets, it can be seen that she was given quinca edema, that she was treated for allergies for the first two days, and on the third they wrote a stroke.
They were treated for two days for allergies, and on the third they wrote a stroke.
I have all the map in my hands.
Also, the heads of the hospital, Estegneeva Irina Vitalievna, talked rudely, closed the door in front of her face, said do not ask me stupid questions (that is, questions about the health of the mother, these are stupid questions)
After all, I also applied to the Insurance OMS to conduct a medical examination, but the insurance company began to say that we could not conduct an examination, your mother's card was lost . Head doctor Estegneeva Irina Vitalievna previously worked as a director in the insurance compulsory medical insurance and who knows what friends she had there.
I have submitted an application to the Investigative Committee, a criminal case has been opened and a check is underway.
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Ангелина29 июля 2020, 14:42
Now the Investigative Committee is engaged in this, a medical examination has been appointed. I have submitted all the documents to the Investigative Committee, I am waiting for the results of the examination. How it was possible not to recognize a "stroke" and confuse it with "angioedema" is still a mystery to me. Ushakova Maria Alexandrovna was the attending physician. Estegneeva Irina Vitalievna - heads of the hospital doctor, Lebedeva Olga Andreevna - chief medical officer, all of them were notified about the incorrect diagnosis.
Ivan25 июля 2020, 11:30
Horror just
Oles25 июля 2020, 13:10
The words of the head physician are striking - "your mother's card is lost" She was delivered on 05/17/2020, died on May 28, 2020. And then the card was immediately lost. This is complete chaos and impunity. I urge all relatives - make copies of the medical card and appointments if YOUR relative is in the hospital. So that doctors could not falsify diagnoses and prescriptions, if with him, God forbid, something happens.
Masha25 июля 2020, 13:01
Quincke's edema is an allergy, given the drug does not help - in an hour you have to look for another reason. They are just horsemen and outlaws. In modern Russia, people don't care about people's lives and doctors don't even want to treat people. As the president said - "Have you gone crazy?"
Дмитрий ОЛегович24 июля 2020, 18:09
Send all documents to the name of the Head of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Directorate for the Krasnodar Territory (COMPLAINT). Fill in the dates and estimated times, the names of the doctors. Attach autopsy data. Ask someone to tweak the grammar a little (this is not important, but it will be better). In conclusion, write a request to initiate a criminal case against such doctors. DO NOT leave them unpunished. They will harm other people.