In Russia, doctors killed my mother
False and falsified medical examinations have been carried out
All evidence of murder and mutual responsibility of doctors, experts and investigators of the Investigative Committee of the city of Saratov on this site.
I have nothing to lose. They will kill so they will kill. Mom cannot be returned, but the murder of the mother must be punished by law. All evidence
I ask the world community for help. I need to get to the President of Russia.
Murderers should go to jail, and not kill further, feeling their impunity.
Investigators of the Saratov Investigative Committee with experts in one Organized Crime Group.

Doctor Aleksey Alekseev of the Marksov Central Regional Hospital of the Saratov Region deliberately killed my mother in the hospital on 01/14/2017.

I blame Alexeyev Alekseev, a doctor at the Marksovskaya Hospital in Saratov Region, in the murder of my mother in a helpless state under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, part 2
c) .. a person, knowingly for the guilty being in a helpless state:
e) committed with extreme cruelty;
g) committed by a group of persons, by a group of persons in a preliminary conspiracy or by an organized group;
Doctor Alekseev Alexey Evgenievich - the direct executor of the murder.

Below I present a copy from Alekseev's explanatory, in which he says that during treatment he reduced the infusion of blood products (my mother had a 3rd (fatal bleeding), hematoctitis and the number of red blood cells characteristic of a terminal, i.e., fatal state)
& nbsp;

Alekseev testified that while the patient asked to drink a lot, he reduced the infusion of drugs.
That is, a person is dehydrated, but he reduces the introduction of honey. drugs. By honey. there were no drug infusions in the card for 16 hours before death (my mother died on his shift)
Mom was admitted to this God-forsaken hospital on January 12, 2017 with severe bleeding, an inadequately small amount of blood was infused. For the period 01/13/2017, there is no evidence at all of the infusion of blood products, just handwritten data (I believe these are falsified volumes).

The doctors became so morose that they write that with the 3rd degree of shock (the most severe and fatal degree, according to the medical classification and the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation), they GIVEN 1000 ML OF WATER TO THE MOTHER IN 2 DAYS IN THE HOSPITAL and believe that this is enough ... That is, 500 ml. per day !!!!

According to human physiological norms, the secretion through sweat and respiration is 1000 ml per day per person in 80 kg.
The result of this so-called treatment is death from dehydration and lack of blood, according to the pathologist.
Who wrote, the immediate cause of death was post-hemorrhagic anemia (this translates as a palpable lack of blood),
Also, MOTHER DIED WITH FOAM AT THE MOUTH - TOUCH ON THE PHYSIOLOGY OF THE ORGANISM - FOAM COMES UP WHEN LUNG CELLS EXPLODE FROM INCREASED INTRACELLULAR PRESSURE, when the pressure of fluids in the body is about zero. This is a very terrible death from drowning with your own liquid.

Also, my mother began to rupture liver cells from the low pressure of the intercellular fluid - that is, this is a point of no return.

AND THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE DOCTOR ALEXEEV KILLED MY MOTHER INTENTIONALLY. And deceitful experts, having carried out unsubstantiated and falsified examinations, did not substantiate Alekseev's actions in any way.

The Investigative Committee of Saratov, did not even consider the crime of Alekseev, and there are no justifications for his actions either in any of the expert examinations. Moreover, the investigators themselves falsified the data to `` excuse '' the killers. This was done by demchenko's investigator and Colonel Skoplikov of the Saratov Investigative Committee.

Attached documents:

1) Conclusion of the pathologist with the cause of death from a lack of blood (and the doctor Alekseev did NOT infuse blood products for 16 hours !!!)

Pulmonary edema - this is the rupture of the lung cells from the low pressure of the intercellular fluid and the fluid flows into the intercellular space, the cells die and the person inevitably dies ..
Nutmeg liver - liver cells explode from low blood pressure and a small amount of fluid in the body. Liver cells die and the person dies.

I believe that Dr. Alekseev deliberately created all conditions of colossal dehydration, incomparable with life. There is no other way to explain his actions.

In the process of the so-called treatment, nothing was done to improve the condition of my mother, but was cold-blooded bringing to death.

2) The fact of the third fatal level of shock (which, if NOT treated, leads to death), and this is reflected in the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated April 24, 2008 No. 194n "On the approval of Medical criteria for determining the severity of harm caused to health person ", signed by Minister Golikova.

That is, the doctors were just waiting for death for these two days, without doing NI CHEGO TO SAVE MY MOTHER.

From the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated April 24, 2008 No. 194n "On the approval of the Medical criteria for determining the severity of harm caused to human health", signed by Minister Golikova.

So who is lying, human physiology, the Minister of Health Golikova or false experts, with the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Saratov?

I believe that Alekseev deliberately did not begin to save my mother, but calmly watched her die and directly contributed to this.

I have written a statement under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation against this doctor. Murder in a helpless state.

My mother's surname is erased on the documents - since the investigation has now been resumed by an order from Moscow, after the closure of the criminal case in the Saratov IC on the basis of falsified medical examinations ..

I am writing this post on TRINITY PARENT SATURDAY. Who reads these lines remember your parents, living or gone. Take care of them and remember.

Detailed evidence and facts, I posted it on the MedicFatal - errors of medicine website. My profile, in ОК
Mom was killed from 01/12/2017 to 01/14/2017.
Currently, a criminal case has been reopened and the 4th med. examination, which, I think, will also be false and falsified. And what the experts do not falsify, the investigators of the Saratov Investigative Committee falsify such as Demchenko and brackets
mothers under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder by conspiracy).
I accuse the investigators of the Investigative Committee of the city of Saratov of Russia and experts of conspiracy and falsification of direct evidence of the murder in order to free the killer doctors from criminal liability.
My phone number is 8-930-072-52-42