Video ".... insulin is in intensive care, and there is no one there" or how a two-year-old girl died

In Novosibirsk, parents were not allowed into the intensive care unit of a dying child. The tragedy in the Kincharov family happened in January. Two-year-old Adelina died a day after she was admitted to the hospital. The doctors assured that the girl had diabetes. But there were no prerequisites for such a diagnosis. But even if we assume that the doctors were right, they did not find insulin for the fading child. The girl died in the morning alone in intensive care. Elena Kincharova tells how the doctors did not let her into the intensive care unit and assured her that everything was in order and sent her home. Although they themselves did not understand what was happening to the child. Elena Kincharova, Adelina's mother: “The only thing they did was put a catheter in their daughter's right arm. I said, since her sugar is high, maybe you will put insulin? To which the surgeon who received us said that they had insulin in intensive care, and there was no one there. In another clinic, they could not decide on the diagnosis either. For some reason, upon admission, they did not complete everything necessary
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