Video In Omsk, an ambulance team threw a sick old man at the garages

Eyewitnesses report that an ambulance stood by the garages and left. Then from there were prayers for help. In the bushes lay a man with a bandaged leg in blood and said that he was very ill. In clean, home clothes. He was wearing a diaper and catheter. Residents of neighboring homes started calling an ambulance, and there they said THAT EXTENDED HIM because he was rampaging and was running in an inadequate state around the hospital. How could he run with a wounded leg? People called a local and ambulance. The policeman suggested finding relatives, the ambulance officers were whispering about gangrene, they said that this was a bum and no one needed him. Surely, for this reason he was left here. That is, they threw a person just to die, especially since the old man has gangrene. They threw it at the garages so that no one would see the crime. This is in fact a delayed murder by conspiracy ....
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Maria10 июля 2020, 11:33
They themselves would be thrown behind the garages. This is just a delayed kill. In general, pity and conscience did not remain with the doctors.
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