Video Elena Pravednikova - "I believe the doctors killed my mother"

At the daughter’s request to take her mother to the hospital, the doctors said, “If she had a coronavirus, she would be taken away” A resident of the city of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk Region, recorded a video about how her mother died due to the negligence of doctors. According to Elena, mom complained of pain in the kidneys. An ambulance came to her several times, but refused to hospitalize. The girl says that emergency doctors invented a diagnosis for her mother - metastases in the spine. However, an autopsy by a pathologist showed that the woman had only a stone in the ureter, and if she had been operated on promptly, she would have survived.
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Lyudmila20 мая 2020, 14:44
Hang on, Helen, all the residents of Berezovsky sincerely condole you! All that you said in the video appeal is true.
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