Video Chief physician Elena Belaya directly points out to kill a premature baby

On August 28, 2020, at a hearing in the case of the murder of a baby in maternity hospital No. 4 in Kaliningrad, the jury was shown a recording of the meeting in the office of the head physician Elena Belaya after the birth of a premature baby. Head doctor Elena Belaya, neonatologist on duty Yekaterina Kisel, head of the maternity ward Tatyana Sokolova (who recorded on a smartphone) and head of the newborn department Tatyana Kosareva gather at the morning meeting in the office. At this time, the premature baby is still alive. According to the materials of the criminal case, the following happens: Belaya closes herself with Sushkevich and Kosareva in the nursing room and asks what is administered to premature babies to make them "antenatal"? - "We are introducing magnesia." White orders to perform the procedure. At about 10:15 am Sushkevich collects MgSO4 25% - 10 ml and injects it to the baby. Two minutes later, after making sure that he was dead, Sushkevich straightens the child's limbs so that he would not "freeze" and outwardly it seemed that he was "without tone." AND HOW MANY THESE WHITE ARE THERE AROUND RUSSIA? DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILDREN TO THE DOCTORS - LET'S BORN WILL BE WITH YOU CONSTANTLY !!!
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Oles05 сентября 2020, 12:54
… Sushkevich straightens the child's limbs so that he does not “freeze” - this is beyond comprehension. It is necessary to check all deaths in this hospital and interview women in labor. Maybe they killed hundreds of kids. Maybe these are the serial killers of newborns ...
I agree05 сентября 2020, 12:21
I agree with Irina, the words sound - we are doing adrenatal. That is, the child is alive, so that he was supposedly born dead - he must be killed. Either with a solution of the drug or NOT RENDERING HELP. This site is full of such cases. Nowadays, doctors cannot be trusted. Have given birth, do not let go of the child from you. Let them do everything in your presence and give birth only with your husband and on camera !!!
Irina01 сентября 2020, 20:35
Horror. She ordered to kill and the order was carried out. How is it? And no one thought that at the moment they were committing an ordinary cold-blooded murder !!! If they did it so calmly and casually, one can only guess how many deaths behind them. If it were not for the audio recording made by doctors who were tired of the campaign to carry out the orders to kill, nothing could be proved.
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